Home Cinema


Like the great movie houses of the 20th century, Nova starke designs homes that lure the audience from their every-day life into a magical world of cinema.

TV / Projector installation and calibration:

Paying specific attention to viewing distances, we guide you through the process of finding the best suitable screen for your home. One can choose from a variety of television and screens including acoustically transparent screens that allow you to hide speakers behind the screen.

Dolby & Dolby Atmos:

All our builds are Dolby certified and since 2012 we also provide Atnos which allows addition of up to 64 speakers to expand from your existing 5.1 & 7.1 conventional setups. The idea is to totally envelope the audience for a more immersive experience.

Custom Seating:

Seating makes for an essential part of the home theatre experience. Without the right seat, the viewing experience can be left unsatisfied or bluntly put, uncomfortable and mundane. Having said, we offer the complete package and provide the best quality premium lounge seats. Unlike standard lounge seats, we fit high quality stereo speakers and sub-bass units around the padding to give you an enhanced immersive experience.

Acoustic Paneling:

Even with a high performance audio system, overall sound clarity is often lost due to reflection and resonance. Acoustic panelling makes for a perfect solution to counter reflection, refraction and resonance. Striving to create a perfect environment for a high end audio system, at Nova Starke, we use the finest quality acoustic panels and sound traps. Our home acoustic solutions aim to bring the anechoic experience without any other sound affecting your experience.

Starry Ceiling:

Along with technical efficiency, the team at Nova Starke brings immersive aesthetic solutions to
your private space. Using high quality bristle-like fiber optic cables, we bring your viewing and listening experience under the stars. The fiber optic solutions come with the option of changing colour schemes and patterns on the fly with adjustable brightness as well.