Premium Phones



Nova Starke was born out of a promise of quality, expert craftsmanship, the finest materials and meticulous attention to detail.
As part of our commitment to providing a world class luxury experience, our entire range of products are backed by a comprehensive warranty service plan.

This includes:
a: 2 Year warranty on all mechanical defects associated with the device (not valid on Physical misuse)
b: A temporary phone (Equivalent model) provided in 24Hrs in the event of a catastrophe.

Nova Starke uses 24K gold composed of 750% (thousandths) of pure gold. Rose gold is created by increasing the copper colored alloys mixed with the gold and decreasing the silver colored alloys. We use 18K Rose gold in all our plating which contains 75% gold, 22.25% copper and 2.75% silver. Our products come with an authenticity letter from a BIS certified jeweler.
As an added level of transparency we offer you the option to take the product to a certified jeweler of your choice as well.

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