WiFi Infrastructure

WiFi has found its way into all of our homes aiming to provide a cable free clutter plugged into all of your devices. It gave people the independence to freely roam around while actively surfing the internet. However, what usually seems like an easy home project, is often left with several dead spots regardless whether WiFi is set up for the home, office or a commercial space. At Nova Starke, we construct a wide area network guaranteed to eliminate any possible dead spots and provide 100% bandwidth from your ISP.

Wi-Fi is supported by many applications and devices including video game consoles, home networks, PDAs, mobile phones, major operating systems, and other types of consumer electronics. Wi-Fi technology may be used to provide Internet access to devices that are within the range of a wireless network that is connected to the Internet. The coverage of one or more interconnected access points (hotspots) can extend from an area as small as a few rooms to as large as many square kilometres.